10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

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To me, a new business is similar to a little seedling that starts off as a small tiny sprout, then grows some sturdy roots to be the base for it’s leafy shoots, and hopefully one day – it blossoms into a beautiful tree with plentiful year round fruits!

Starting a new business is quite similar for most people – start small with growth as your main goal, and if you succeed, you get an ongoing payoff for all your hard work. 


I am going somewhere with this, so stay with me.


If  you’ve been operating your business through a Facebook page, Amazon or your smartphone solely, you’re somewhere between having your sturdy roots and growing those backbreaking shoots. Which is awesome! You’ve planted the ‘seed’ for your business and it’s working, congrats to you. Lots of businesses don’t make it beyond those lil baby sprouts, so my compliments are sincere, I promise you.  


But, how do you go from where you are now, to producing your mega luscious bounty?


The next step involves a transition into the world of brand identity, kicking up your professionalism and that all starts with your online presence.


As we near 2020, it’s no secret that the internet has taken over the world and if you’re business is not on it, you’re in trouble.


Full disclosure – we’re web developers, so we are biased, but it’s no joke how many business owners we’ve helped go from agonising over little shoots — to a bountiful booming business. The decision is up to you, but let’s explore the top 10 reasons why your business needs a website—Now.


It’s expected and professional


Think about it – if you want to be a professional in a professionals world – you gotta look the part. The first thing 90% of people do when they want to know more about a brand – they google them. So if you’re not online, you’re seriously missing out.

Your competition has a website


Everyone and their dog (literally) is online, so you can bet your sweet cheeks that your competition has a website. With over 3 billion people using the internet now, just by having a website – your competitor boosted their potential customer reach by 3 billion more people than you.


It builds trust


It’s true – people are creepers – they want to check out others online before they meet them – look at tinder for goodness sakes. You can know everything about someone before you even have to face them in person. This is a huge advantage for a business owner, because ain’t nobody got time to have meetings with every potential customer to pitch to them in person. Your website is your billboard and you want to invite all the creepers possible to take a look.


Here’s an example – Let’s say you just moved to a new area and you want to get your haircut. You look around whilst you’re out and about, but you’re not really sure if you can trust the people in the stores you’re looking at. So you jump online to find that perfect salon, with the perfect stylist. You search, compare testimonials and pricing and eventually you book an appointment.

Get it? I hope so, but if not keep reading.   

It’s the cheapest longterm advertising


The cost of setting up a website does not need to break your bank. If you’re a committed business owner and you want to take your business to the next level, you need a place to direct people and a website is so much cheaper than a brick and mortar location and you can much more easily redesign, tweek or edit it.

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It’s your foundation for growth


Even if you’ve grown beyond the little sprout that you were, a website provides the best ‘soil’ or foundation possible for your growth, because if your business is working, eventually you’re going to need one anyway.

Why not start if off right with a beautiful site that can grow with you? Set it up and let it work for you. 

Content is king and you’re wearing the crown


Like I said before, your website is your billboard on the internet that you have complete control over. You’re in the spotlight of this billboard and you can say whatever you like. It is one of the only places where it’s completely cool to brag about how good you are and your successes as a business. You can feature testimonials, images of your work, talk about your passions, why you started the business, how you are going to change the industry or what social causes you love.  

You’re always on, without being open


This is one of my ultimate reasons for having a website. It is there and on 24/7, so you don’t have to be. You can let it work for you anytime and anywhere. The internet never sleeps and people from all different timezones can find you, read about your products or services, find out where you’re located or contact you if they have more questions. You can get out an live your life while your website keeps people informed, so you don’t have to be ‘on’ all the time. 


You’ll rank in Google searches


What do you do when you want to find something on the internet? You probably google it, right? Well if you’re business is googleable (not sure that’s a word), you bet you can get ranked and show up in people’s searches. Of course you’ll need SEO content that includes the keywords you want to rank for as well, but that’s where a smart developer can help. 


If you want to know more about SEO – Read this beginners guide.  

It’s an easy way to connect with customers


Customers are the only reason your business will work, so it’s pretty important that you make it nice and easy for them to get in touch. Most businesses work really hard to get people to notice them and it is incredible how many don’t actually have their contact info displayed in a prominent place. Customers should be able to land on your site and contact you within 30 seconds. A lot of factors can make people bounce off your site. You can read more about how to improve bounce rate here.


It’s an extension of you – If it’s stunning, you are too!


Your website is you, it’s your brand, what you stand for, what you do and how you do it best. If it looks shabby, you look shabby. If it doesn’t function right, you probably don’t either. If you don’t care enough to fix a problem on your site or make it look as fresh as possible, what are you going to do for your customers? People care and want the best, so you need to prove to them that you are and a website is the perfect laneway to do just that. 


Already have a website, but it’s kind of Blah?

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