Exposed: 6 Social Media Tools for Businesses

social media tools for businesses

Social Media is one of the most beneficial tools a business owner can use. With billions of people using social media, it is so powerful, it’s actually a bit crazy. There are a bunch of awesome tactics you as a business owner can use if you have social media accounts. Check out these social media tools for businesses and watch your audience grow.

Contests – Contests expose your business to millions of users that are willing to give you something, or are willing to do something for your business, with the incentive of getting something for free. Contests are great for almost any business and if you aren’t able to provide a freebie yourself, you can team up with other like-minded businesses to run a contest together.

social media tools for businesses - Enter to win on chalkboard

Link sharing to gated content – This basically means you’ll offer something to people for free if they join your email list or community. For example: a fitness trainer could offer a guide on how to lose 5 pounds in 30 days, but they only give you their guide after you give them your email address.

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Social Media Advertising – It is truly incredible how much you can do now with social media ads. With tools like Facebook insights, you can build custom targeted audiences based on interests, behaviours, demographics and location. If you do it right, your business will see a huge benefit after using social media ads effectively. If you don’t know how to create ads or campaigns, hire someone with the expertise and watch your profits rise. Like anything in business, it may take a little time to get your audience and ads on point, so be patient and appreciate the process.

social media tools for businesses - Facebook Ads Examples

Videos – Video is a powerful tool to promote anything online. Internet users are 60% more likely to trust your company if you use videos in your marketing strategy and it is easy to understand why when YouTube receives the highest number (over a billion people per day) of unique viewers than any other online platform. If you don’t know how to make videos – find someone who does, or simply use your mobile to film and edit content relevant to your business. You can also use other interactive options like google hangouts, webinars or live streaming to your advantage.

Social Media Management Platforms – If you aren’t into social media or you don’t really want to spend hours posting on each platform separately, you’re in luck – there are very useful tools available to save you time; Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social and Crowdfire.

social media tools for businesses - Hootsuite logo

Social Media Groups – Social media groups allow you to connect with cold leads with ease. Most groups have lengthy rules about solicitation, but some will allow you to post about your business or services at least a few times per day and you can get around the rules by commenting about your services in other members posts. This is a method that we use often implement and it has proven to be quite worthwhile.

If your not sure which platforms are most appropriate for your business, at minimum we suggest using: Facebook (1.8 billion +users), Twitter (300 million+ users), Instagram (600 million users) and if you have videos – Youtube (1 billion+ users).

Now that you’re all set with your awesome social media tools for businesses, you can get cracking on growing your audience and your brand!

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