Help! I’m Sick of the 9-5 Work Week


Has the work week got you down in the dumps? Are you overwhelmed and underpaid? Do you wish you had more time and energy to put into something you’re passionate about?

Surprise! You’re not alone! We often get emails from people stating that they’re sick of the 9-5 and want to take the leap out of the conventional work week. We feel for these people, because we’ve been there. But, we took the leap and now reap the benefits of doing so now. We have more time, energy and we get to work on projects we enjoy (well mostly). Sure, it hasn’t always been easy, but if you want it bad enough, IT IS POSSIBLE! 

What can you do if you are sick of the 9-5 work week?

We live in an age where technology moves at a pace more rapid than ever before and almost everyone, including most elderly people, use digital services. The options to make money from the digital world are the best they have ever been and are predicted to keep escalating. Tools like mobile and desktop apps, ecommerce platforms and the world wide web itself provide almost anyone with the opportunity to take a leap away from the conventional lifestyle. All you need to do is look.

Searching for work options on the internet can be frustrating. This is where a lot of people get overwhelmed and caught up in the junk of the internet and fall into some risky territory, where they are often taken advantage of by marketing creeps promising them millions overnight. Yes, there are numerous great things out there for you to use and make money from, but there are also great risks in the faceless ether of the digital universe. Don’t worry though, we have been there, and we are here to help.

Where to look and how to come up with an idea?

King Tide Media have been operating for over 10 years working in the digital marketing, graphic design and web development. Over this time we have learned some tricks and secrets that we want to share so you don’t get lost out there in the unknown.

Here are some questions to start asking yourself:

  1. What skills (digital or otherwise) do you have now? Jot these skills down and start researching and brainstorming how you could use them to break into a digital space. Include everything: Are you good at math? Do you write well? Do you have experience using computer software and programs? Can you knit? Seriously, put it all down on paper, so you can see them all.
  2. What topics do people you already know ask your advice on? Do you have good fashion sense? Are you good at finding great restaurants or special deals?  Are you a great writer or researcher?
  3. How much time do you have? Are you unemployed? Do you have full time job? How much time can you spare each week for your new venture?
  4. Do you have money set aside for a new project? Once you find your idea, do you have funds to get it off the ground? Do you need to start saving now? Perhaps you can work out a monthly budget that you are happy with.
  5. Do you know where to find help and do you have support?  You will never have all the answers, so make sure you know where to find them when you need to.

What to Do Once You Have An Idea

So, you’ve done your brainstorming and you have come up with the best idea ever thought of. Before you go telling everyone and sinking all your time and money into it, take a beat to do your homework. Ask yourself: who is my competition? Yes, there is almost always someone that is doing what you thought of, so deal with it and figure out how you can do it better or different. Write down a list of your competitors and spend some serious time looking at what they are doing well and what you think they could improve on.

Once you’re researched your competition it will become more clear how you can start planning your next move. There is a lot that goes into getting a digital business off the ground and if you are still a little lost, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.