How To Host A Website Without Getting Ripped Off

how to host a website
Website hosting isn’t the most interesting topic of discussion for most people and we agree, it can be quite nerdy. However, it is a pretty important thing to understand  if you have a website that you’d like the world to know about. So, read on to learn how to host a website without getting ripped off.


What the heck is hosting anyway?


First, let us share some insight on what hosting actually is and how it works.


Your website is “hosted” (essentially meaning it lives) on a server.
If you want your website to run really well, you need awesome servers to host it on.
Awesome servers are not cheap to run and therefore, hosting companies charge to host your website.


That’s the quick and dirty explanation. We could go on and on about all the ins and outs of hosting in detail, but like I said before – nerd talk is boring for most people. Keep reading so you know how to host a website without getting ripped off.


So, what makes a good hosting company or service?


Most of the popular companies try to sell you a bunch of up-sells that you generally don’t need, like ‘5 year registration protection’ or a ‘bundle of domain names’.  THESE ARE UP-SELLS, and you most likely don’t need them, or are paying too much. Don’t let these companies rip you off. Take a second to either do some research or ask someone in the industry to help you discover what you really need – Like us!


How much should hosting a website cost you?


For the large majority of websites, simple plans are sufficient. If your using a CMS like WordPress, we suggest that you host on web servers that are optimised for that type of website. These days having a fast loading website is not only good for your customers, but also good for your Google search ranking. Many popular web hosts have comparable hosting and WordPress optimised hosting plans… to a degree. Just be sure to not buy all the extras that they try to add on once the sales process starts. If they are trying to scare you into buying every up-sell, is this really a company you want to work with?


That’s why we offer an audit service to let you know what you’re really paying for. We’ve done it for numerous clients and we’re happy to move you over to our hosting account at no additional cost to the yearly fee. More often than not, you will have and upgraded server option for cheaper than your existing plan.


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