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Making money while travelling the world…ahh what a lifestyle right!? I can tell you from personal experience that it’s absolutely one of the best decisions, and leaps of faith, that I’ve ever made. People always tell me that I’m lucky to have a business that I can do anywhere (which indeed I am grateful for), but I want to shed some light on how many work from home jobs are out there that anyone can get into.

So, here’s some info on how I got started…

Fact – I had no idea how to get started.

My hubby and I were in Costa Rica on our honeymoon and we had no real plan for our future, other than that we never wanted to go back to working 9-5 for anyone ever again. 

I had recently left a well paying, stable job that wasn’t for me and for the first time in my adult life, I wasn’t making money.

Don’t get me wrong – I got to go surfing, do yoga, read books, test out my bread making skills (yes, that’s how much time I had) and enjoy the wilderness that surrounded me. I was incredible for a while, but I am not the housewife type and I found it really difficult being unable to financially contribute to our lifestyle.

Side note – at this time my husband was building our client base for King Tide Media and we were solely living off his income, which was enough, but tight. 

Now, back to me…

I have a degree in Marine Science, but like most graduates, I was very frustrated with the poor industry pay, the incredible lengthy application processes and constantly volunteering my life away to prove that I cared. Volunteering is great, but we needed to eat, so with the full support of my hubby – I decided to try a different path.

Here’s how I figured out my direction…

I started researching the different types of jobs people were doing online and chose the options that best suited my experience. I began freelance copywriting and managing blogs for a few brands. I had learned how to write in university and I had paid my way through school doing various jobs like: hotel manager, administrator and waitress, so I incorporated my customer service skills into my writing style and I managed to make a bit of extra money here and there. 

Like any new venture – it was tough to start, but I’m so glad I stuck it out! 

Fast forward 4 years and I’m now able to contribute to our lifestyle more than I ever thought possible.

I get to share my knowledge and skill set with other business owners, network to help our business grow, code in languages I didn’t even know existed and most importantly – work from home with my husband.

Over the years I’ve met so many people that make bank from all different and unique ways. So if I can do it and they can do it – YOU CAN TOO!

Check out my ultimate list of work from home job opportunities below to see how you can create your best path forward.

Some of these opportunities involve taking your side hustle to the next level and some are for those that just want to get paid for their time. I’ve broken them down by industry because there are just so many possibilities.


Health and Wellness

This industry is massive and there are so many options to choose from, but here are just a few that I know work:

  1. Beauty Care Specialist – Anti Ageing products alone are a $679 billion industry, so the possibilities are enormous – you can sell products (your own or affiliate), give advice, do consultations, meet up makeovers, or blog about your biggest zit defeat if you want to.
  2. Fitness Instructor – A $390 billion industry that has people sharing their work out vids, diet programs, muscle building tips and lifestyle regimes all via their website.
  3. Yoga Instructor – Namaste yogis! If you’re a yoga instructor, there is NO reason why you can’t build your own yogi empire. Whether you want to use Skype or video conferencing tools to do it exclusively from home or your own studio, or you want to grow a global brand with retreats and teach in amazing locations around the world, there are so many possibilities!
  4. Meditation or Spirituality Coaches – Think meditation guides, group meditation classes, online courses, karma cleansing. Channel that guru goodness and share your powerful knowledge with the world.
  5. Health Coach – Are you the whole package of health? If you live an incredibly healthy lifestyle or you’re a qualified Naturopath or Nutrition specialist, you can coach people online. Put together diet plans, retreats, cleanses, cook books or juice fasts to keep your audience interested and “hungry” for more.
  6. Life Coach – Take advantage of the online possibilities to connect with people who need your guidance all around the world.

Ask About Our Health & Wellness Brand Empire Packages


Ecommerce – Web Stores

Even my 60+ year old father is an online shopper so it’s no surprise that this industry has been growing exponentially in the last 3-5 years. Data released from Statista shows that between 2014 – 2017 global retail ecommerce sales went from $1.3 billion (USD) to $2.3 billion dollars and is predicted to grow to $4.8 billion by 2021. This is a massive opportunity for anyone wanting to sell products, so if you’ve got an awesome product to share with the world, there has literally never been a better time to sell it online.

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Business and Administration

My first real ongoing work from home role was as a Business Administration Manager, so here’s what you should know. Freelance sites are your best friend if you’re just starting out – Upwork, Toptal and Werk,  are a few to check out, but even if you’re on those, you’ll want your own website, portfolio, references and case studies to stand out from the rest because competition is fierce.

  1. Business Development Manager – Every business needs one and if you’ve done it in-office, you surely can do it from the comfort of your kitchen table.
  2. Business Administrator – Google drive is your best friend as an online administrator, as it has a tonne of free options for online businesses.
  3. Project Manager – You should certainly know your way around project management tools like – basecamp, trello or asana if you’re going to be a digital PM.
  4. Customer Service Agent – CRM  (Customer Relationship Management) systems will be your main software platform if you’re going to work form home in customer service. Most use a ticket system that autogenerates a support request when someone submits an online form. Look up Zendesk or Salesforce to get an idea of the systems and how they function. You will need some tech skills, so be prepared.
  5. Virtual Assistant – Get ready to do any or all of the above if you’re going to claim your spot as a VA. Chances are your client will ask you to do any and everything for them and you best be able to or they will hire someone in the Philippines to do it for a 10th of your rate.


Programming and Design

This is the industry I’ve grown into and it’s certainly my favourite because I secretly LOVE geeky stuff.

This field could easily be both the most stable and unstable all at once. Technology is ever changing and can drop you like a hot potato if you don’t keep learning, but it’s also not going anywhere but up. If technology and continued learning are your jam – pour yourself another cup of java and put your fingertips to work in one of these fields:

  1. App or Software Developer – I certainly don’t know everything about this field, but I know people in it can make a killing if their good at it. Of course you’ll need to enjoy long hours in front of a computer screen.
  2. Website Designer and/or Developer – Obviously this is an industry that I know a few things about. If you’re looking to start up your own company, subcontract to agencies or both – jump in and go for it! Remember though, it’s not just about how much code you know, you’ll need people skills to deal with clients, business sense to scale your growth heaps of patience.
  3. Graphic Designer – Logos, brochures, ads, flyers, oh the list goes on. Any business that has an online presence will need a graphic designer, so it’s an excellent profession to be in.
  4. IT Support – Every company has an IT support system these days, so there is certainly a work from home option out there for you. Big tech companies are outsourcing more and are increasingly open to having remote IT support.


Marketing, Copywriting or Editing

As I mentioned, I started out freelance copywriting and I have a tonne of respect for the above professions, but I also know there are so many fakers out there that don’t know what they’re doing. So, if you DO know what you’re doing, you can land better clients and get paid well to do your job. Marketing is especially a tricky industry, because technology is constantly changing and updates can alter results quick. Follow some of the greats in the industry, keep on top of latest strategies and platform changes on Facebook and Google and you’ll be a step ahead of the rest!

Here are some jobs you can do as a copywriter:

  1.  Blogger – You don’t have to know everything about the blog you’re writing for, you just need to know how to do research. One of my first gigs was writing about expat life in Eastern European countries. I have never even been to Eastern Europe, but I knew how to find the answers to the questions people may want to know about.
  2. Website Copywriter – Every website needs written copy and most business owners are not great at writing for their audience or don’t understand how to make their content flow. It’s not their fault, they’re generally just too close to their business, so that’s where a copywriter comes in very handy. You will need to have SEO skills and understand how the web works though, so check out Moz’s SEO learning center if you want to learn more about SEO.
  3. Ebook or Ghost Writer – Who doesn’t have an Ebook these days? Ebooks are the new books and most businesses have at least one. Often business owners will want someone that can work with a designer or even do the designs as well, so just keep your mind open.
  4. Marketing Copywriter – Again, if you’re writing for the web – you will need some SEO and keyword research skills, so make sure you show off those skills if you have them. Collect some analytics to showcase your results to potential clients to wow them.
  5. Editor – All copy must be proofed! Even the most skilled copywriter need to have someone look over their work and that’s the beauty of having an editor on board.


Sales teams are the income generators of most successful businesses – especially in tech. You may need to do some time as a customer service rep to start but if you’re a quick learner, you understand the product and you’re passionate about selling – you’ll do well. Sales is not everyones cup of tea, but you can make money doing it from your laptop, phone and sometimes employers may even want to pay you to travel for the job – Hello coporatate card!



If you have a degree or higher education qualification you’ve opened up the doors to a future as a tutor. It’s possible to teach anyone anything online these days with the help of video and instant messaging tools.

Here are some examples of tutor positions to consider:

  1. Language Tutor – This is a great option if you want to travel and work. You can hook up with local schools in the countries you visit, or go completely online if you prefer. Check out TEFL  certification courses to get you started. Or UDEMY for ideas on what other people are teaching online.
  2. School Studies Tutor – Math, Science, English or pretty much any subject a school student may have issues with can be your money maker, if you know how to teach it. Check out for info on how to get started.


Work from home and spend more time with loved ones.

Accounting or Bookkeeping

Every business owner needs an accountant or someone to keep their books in order. Even with the enormous progress in technology to help with these needs, human skills have not yet been replaced in this field. For some businesses, accountant services are only needed during tax season, but if you hook up with a large corporate business, you’ll certainly have your work cut out for you. Entrepreneur or small business groups are going to be a money pot for you to tap into.


Legal Services or Business Coaching

Are you well on your way to killing it in your 3rd successful business? If so, you could charge a premium to advise others on your tricks of the trade. This article by shows that “The U.S. estimated market value for personal coaching was $955 million in 2015 and $1.02 billion in 2016”, so the potential is there. Check out these successful business entrepreneurs to see how they’re doing it right.

Lawyers and legal advisors are well equipped to give unique, expert advice, so if you’re looking to get out of the court room or firm, you can set up your own gig and do it from home or your own office. All you need to start is a great website and marketing strategy.

No matter which industry you decide to pursue as an independent business owner or freelance entrepreneur, one thing is for sure – you’re going to have the experience of a lifetime!

Working for yourself is insanely rewarding and it gives you all of the power back. You’ll be in the drivers seat and able to take on the world with more freedom. There is nothing better my friend, so why not start your journey now?


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