How To Write Sales Copy That Doesn’t Make You Feel Sleazy

how to write sales copy
Even just writing the words ‘sales copy’ makes my stomach start to turn. I’ve taken classes, read many books and completed a science degree, but I am not one to follow conventional rules when it comes to writing. Knowing how to write sales copy is something that many people struggle with, so it’s no big deal if it freaks you out too. My grammar and spelling are not great and I know it, but overall I’m confident that readers know what I’m trying to say. If not, well I tried.


I remember one of my first freelance jobs as a Project Manager I was asked to write a newsletter for a company I had just started with and I didn’t really understand their message (to be fair it was quite spiritually loaded). I read through all of the content they provided, did a bunch of research and I went for it. The owner was impressed and I was happy they liked it, but it took me twice the quoted time to complete because I had no clear framework to go off.


Those two little words ‘sales copy’ are probably the most essential and freakishly powerful ones for business owners to grasp, but I am continually amazed how many don’t think it matters, or are too scared to write to their audience.


So, if you’re like me and you start to sweat at the thought of writing sales copy (yep, still do) don’t worry, there is a framework!


Here are our tips on how to write sales copy that sells.


  1. It is not about you, it’s about what you can do for your reader. They don’t care how great you are, they want to be great, so how will you help them be great?
  2. Talk to your audience like they’re real people. Create a conversation and try to engage with them.
  3. Nobody likes being pitched to, so don’t peak too early and let your CTA (call to action) flow naturally.
  4. Keep it brief, to the point and relatable. No one has time to read a novel.
  5. Proofread, but don’t freak out if you spell something wrong or have a typo – it happens to everyone.

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